Post-show Report of WBE 2022

673 Exhibitors │ 47856 Visits │ 55,000 Sq.m Show Floor

World Battery Industry Expo (WBE 2022), the biggest battery trade show in China
this year, was successfully staged during August 9th-11th, at China Import & Export
Fair Complex, Guangzhou.
As a global trading platform for intelligent terminal batteries, power, energy storage,
3C and industrial chains, WBE has developed into a professional exhibition with the
largest number of exhibitors in battery enterprises.

Quantity of Exhibitors Keeps Growing for Years!

WBE keeps robust growth along with an increasing number of companies regarding
it as an ideal exhibiting platform. It is worth noting that the exhibitors of batteries
(cell & PACK) run as high as 316 in this year!

  • Partial Exhibitors Listed by Sector
ProductCompany Name
Battery Cells & PACK
Tianneng Group, Sunwoda, TeamGiant, Ganfeng, Hairui, DJ ENDRGY, Aerospace Electronic, Haidi, CBAK, WeLion, Golden Feather, ANCHI, Joysun, Shengwu, Worlds, Guanghua, Lishengyuan, Yuming, Goldencell, PYTES, Sunmoon, RAMWAY, YU XIN EN, CORUN PEVE, Zhaoke, FBTech, Xinchi, Tian Han, YICHENG, CHAM BATTERY, Doosan Innovation, Heyi, PHENIX NEW ENERGY, Wiltson, Tuojia, Liushi, TOPAK, Glida, etc.
Energy Storage and Outdoor Power
Poweroak Newener, KEXN, Newman Hyde, Blue Carbon, GrandXZ, 3E Wisdom, DONGJIN POWER, Kunlun, Chief-power, Echom, Vip-Tek, Spard, Rishengzhi, Frey Battery, Yuyang, Lucky Star, SIXPACK, GSG NEW ENERGY, Sinocat, Jiayi, CEA ELECTRIC, Haisic, KOSUN, SuTung, FUJI, Rongke, etc.
Lithium Battery Protection Boards/BMS
SUPERPOWER, JIABAIDA, DALY, Yite, DAREN HI-TECH, Litongwei, Ming Tang, XUNDIAN, BestWey, HUATECH, Dongxin, Lynnyl, Ginkgo Battery, Hechuangying, Ling Technology, Xindetong, Meishun, Zhiyuanda, Smart Electronics, Koposon, Yitoa, Lishen, JINHONG, Sandu, LISHAI, etc.
Battery Materials
AFT Electronic, Hysum, Xinborui, Xianbang, Jointas, BAOMING, Darbond, Wealthy, Seungho, Guanggu, ZEON Corporation, NANOTECH PORT, etc.
Battery Equipment and Related Accessories
GALAXIS TECHNOLOGY, HYMSON, Bluesea, Stronglaser, Jianqi, SOC, World Precision, ECA Intelligent, Higrand Technology, Gaoming Xingnuo, AIRKEY ENVIROTECH, KIATEST, Benice, Tongshangde, POATO, Jinbang, ZEYUAN, XINDE, Magic Detection Technology, Arden, Sanying, MANST, Unicomp Technology, Xingneng, Enforever, XINDANENG, etc.

Strong Support from 50+ Nationwide Enterprises Group

Representatives of battery companies from all over the country have actively organized groups to take a look at the demeanor of each exhibitor and potential partners, including Foshan Teamgiant Group, Huizhou DESAY Battery Group, Shenzhen Jiesheng Intelligent Logistics Group, and so forth.

Moreover, WBE also attracted a crowd of related downstream visitors, such as batteries, material accessories and equipment, as well as new energy vehicles, electric vehicles, power tools, photovoltaics, wind power, lighting, home storage, data centers, consumer electronics, smart terminal equipment, etc.

A Promising Future of Energy Storage Industry Under the Double Carbon Strategy

According to the “14th Five-Year Plan” New Energy Storage Development Implementation Plan, new energy storage will be ready for large-scale commercial applications by 2025. Meanwhile, outdoor camping also drives the explosive growth of outdoor mobile power supply.

More than 100 energy storage and outdoor power supply enterprises dressed up to attended WBE 2022. Zhang Tianren, chairman of Tianneng Group said that energy storage is an important part of the new energy system, as well as the most dynamic and promising industry in the world. WBE is also a chance to build an “international circle of friends” for energy storage industry.

Intelligent Charging and Battery Swap Cabinet Seeing a New Development Opportunity

In recent years, many cities in China have launched the pilots of “intelligent charging + battery swap cabinet” for electric vehicles, which effectively solves the problem of outdoor electric vehicle charging, and be able to control the fire caused in the charging process. This new mode is facing an unprecedented market opportunity.

A range of brands brought the latest charging and swapping cabinets to participate in the WBE, such as Yunku, HEXUP, Daneng, Xindetong, Dichuan, GSG NEW ENERGY, Bitean, Youtai, Zhixun, Sinepow, etc.

High-end Concurrent Events Brought More Business Chances!

  • 2022 China New Energy Battery Industry Forum

Dozens of leading enterprise experts, such as Tianeng Group, ATL, NVT, SVOLT, Greatpower, SEMCORP, HYMSON and so on, discussed the latest development of new energy battery industry and related hot topics.

  • WBE 2022 Appreciation Dinner

Over 1,000 government leaders, business executives and industry insiders have a joyous gathering. At the same time, WBE presented awards to different kinds of excellent exhibits and exhibitors.

Coveringcountless supports and praise, WBE 2022 was brought to a successful close. A great thanks to our media and association partners for delivering expo progress across the world. Hope to see you all again in next year!

New date and venue of WBE 2023 has been confirmed,

2023 World Battery Industry Expo (WBE 2023)

Date: August 10-12, 2023

Venue: China Import&Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China

More details, pls contact via [email protected]