General goals:

  • Defense of the professional rights of the people working in the field of biomass in the country and confirmation of their equality under law, state and employers.
  • Representation of their interests towards the authorities and employers.
  • Participation in the social collaboration.
  • Improvement of the parameters of the current methods of cultivating and manufacturing of the biomass and therefore parameter of the environment.
  • Increasing the possibility of production of energy and materials for the biomass industry.
  • Propagandizing general conclusions for surmounting difficulties before the use of biomass.
  • Improving international cooperating in the biomass sphere.
  • Assistance in realization of international projects.
  • Initiation of science developments.

BGBIOM accomplishes these aims by:

  • Propaganda and information for approval of science activities, connected with production and application of the biomass in the Industry and Energetic (publishing of a news bulletin; circulation of documents)
  • Organizing the publishing of materials and education (courses, seminars, conferences, symposia, exhibitions)
  • Publishing (connected with collaboration with schools at all levels)
  • Co-operating with organizations in this field including foreign and international organizations
  • Consultative and expert activity
  • Creating and maintenance of the card-index of specialists in this sphere