The membership in BGBIOM can be:

  • Individual
  • Joint
  • Honorable

BGBIOM member can be anyone in the country who accepts the aims, purposes and principles lay in this Statute.

The membership dues for BGBIOM is 5% of the minimal salary by the moment in the country, which sum every association member pays monthly in the section he belongs. Every new member pays a single time an affiliation fee.

Rights of the individual member are:

To create new regional or professional sections within the framework of the Association.

  • To participate in the Association activities.
  • To take assistance and consulting for the solving of professional matters.
  • To submit projects.
  • To vote and to be elected in the Association authorities.
  • To be informed for all Association activities.

Obligations of the individual member:

  • To take an active part in the Association contributions and to confirm its prestige.
  • To observe the Statute and the rules of the Association.
  • To pay the membership in the approved rate and term.

Joint membership in this Association can fulfill enterprises, organizations, Science Institutes, Schools at different level, Cooperations, i.e. all these that have interest to support the Association activities. Joint members pay membership dues proportional of the members’ count.

Honorable membership can be conferred on Bulgarian citizens either on citizen who has special merits to developing or prestige of this science branch. Honorable member can participate in all Association activities without paying of the membership dues.

New members of BGBIOM can be accepted under next clauses:

Adopting of new members is by Sections-after deposition of written application by the candidate. Adopting is by voting in General Assembly of the Section, which must be held not more than 15 days since the application deposition. The affiliation fee is 50 % of the minimal salary in the country.

BGBIOM membership can be terminated in case of:

  • Voluntary resignation
  • Non payment of the membership dues for more than three months
  • Dismissal

Members of BGBIOM can be expulsed by motivated resolution of the Administrative Council when one of the next clauses is present:

  • Inadmissibility of the membership, according to the regulations of this Statute
  • Hard breaches of fundamental rules of this Statute, that prejudice rights and obligations of the Association members
  • Acts and behavior of the person, that lower the prestige of this Association

Resolution of dismissal by the Administrative Council can be appealed by the affected person before the Control Committee in 15 days since its come into force.