BGBIOM promotes renewable energy sources, mainly biomass, plant residues and animalmanure as energy sources for sustainable society.
The aim of BGBIOM is to propagate the growth of different plants for non- food use. BGBIOM aims also to co-ordinate and facilitate the research and development works in the fields of biomass resources, biofuel product on technologies, biofuel market in the transport, heat and energy sector, as well as in the field of biomass non-energy products.

6 th European Conference Future of Biofuels

After last 2023 successful edition, we have great pleasure to invite you to 6 th European Conference Future of Biofuels taking place on 23-24 October 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark. In early 2024, the European Commission released the Union Database for Biofuels (UDB) Alignment and updated the Revised Renewable Energy Directive, aiming to streamline and enhance [Read more]