ENABLING 2nd workshop

BGBIOM organized the second workshop on ENABLING project on May 28, 2019, in frames of the workshop on the project “Healthy Foods for a Strong Bio-Economy and Quality of Life”. The meeting was held at the Agricultural University of Plovdiv and was opened by Prof. Hr.Yancheva, the Rector of the University. It was attended by 56 representatives of agrarian and food processing business – Scientific laboratories, project developers, and biomass producing farms. At the meeting BGBIOM presented the objectives and tasks of ENABLING project. The main tools of the project, developed to facilitate the stakeholders, have been presented as well. The questions about the kind of biomass, focused in ENABLING project, the use of trading platform, and the means of collaboration have been discussed.

Prof. Yancheva opened the meeting

Prof. Aladjadjiyan presented ENABLING project.