Developing resilient bio-economy value networks

The project Danube Alliance sprang to life to strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs in the Danube region with a goal to increase the resilience of the supply chains. The new flagship project of Priority Area 8 of the European Danube Region strategy (EUSDR) was formed as a response to the still-going Covid pandemic situation, which revealed the economy’s weak points. Global value chains showed to be vulnerable in extreme situations, not being able to function effectively when the suppliers were compromised due to the pandemic lockdowns, geopolitical conflicts, extreme weather, and other events.

We would like to invite you to contribute to our project by providing us with information about bioeconomy value chains in your region by filling out a short survey which you can find here:

Completing the survey will take around 10-15 minutes. Thank you for taking your time to answer before first of September.