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Enabling 8th newsletter

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Enhance New Approaches in BioBased Local Innovation Networks for GrowthSummer is here, so does Enabling! 🌱
Watch our biomass stories!From agricultural residues and various types of feedstocks to packaging products, bio-plastics and mosaics, meet people from all over Europe and watch their stories on biomass and innovation. A series of interviews by Enabling presenting bio-based solutions and best practices on the bioeconomy.
 Over the last month project partners such as CORE Innovation, EPC and Vestlandsforsking have organised and participated in Webinars and Online Discussions covering a wide range of bioeconomy topics. From the current state of bioeconomy in Europe till the day after COVID-19, there’s a lot to discuss with the actors of BBP industry and beyond its borders. 

Watch all Webinars held by Enabling partners on
Enabling YouTube Channel. Discover more Enabling videos
BIOVOICES Bioeconomy Stories #4: The ENABLING project

July is the month dedicated to Enabling project and the Bioeconomy Talks. Enabling Project has collaborated with Biovoices to create educational material for the bioeconomy. Watch the Interview to Vito Pignatelli, Coordinator for Biomass and Bioenergy Technologies at ENEA. Vito made a brief introduction to Enabling project and its mission to support connections at the regional level. He continued explaining the current status of biomass material in Europe.Coaching Activities
More and more farmers and practitioners look for sustainable and zero-waste approaches on the industry. Enabling offers a service that supports those people and the biomass producers or the BBP industry for the uptake of emerging best practices. Through Coaching Activities the applicant can ask for guidance for topics related to biomass, bio-based products, technologies, EU and national laws, and much more. In other words, it helps the applicants to discover more details about the bio-economy and its components. Coaching Activities are available to 10 different languages:
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 774578. 
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Enabling 6th-Press-Release

We are happy to share with you July’s Press Release.

On this issue we have prepared a brief presentation of the 4 platforms, all in one place.

All platforms and services (Best Practice Atlas, Coaching Activities, Process Flows and BiomassTrade platform) are linked with the corresponding page of the website and therefore the user can visit the co-hosted platforms.

Enabling Project Newsletter | 7th Issue

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Enhance New Approaches in BioBased Local Innovation Networks for Growth  
Bio-based Practices | Bioeconomy | BiomassWelcome to Enabling Newsletter

Coronavirus has affected much of the world and will do so for some time to come. Europe is under increasing pressure as we speak. But the current crisis is not only a medical, logistical and economic challenge. It is a challenge to our way of life, to how we address the climate crisis as well and what solutions can bioeconomy and innovation brings to us.Check out Enabling WebinarsOne of the positive opportunities that the current situation offers us is time. We all have a bit more time to read, find some inspiration to the virtual world and alternatives towards a more sustainable future. 

And here is Enabling’s proposal for it;
our Webinars!
1st ENABLING Webinar  
”The farmer at the basis of the biobased economy”

2nd ENABLING Webinar
”The role of companies and processing industry in the bioeconomy”

And more Webinars to come
If you are still looking for some inspiration with keywords as Biomass and Circular Economy, we have collected some upcoming Webinars to keep you updated with the Bio-Based Industry. Please find below a list with virtual classes held by EU projects, universities and other organisations.

And don’t forget to inform your calendar!
If not, you can find those Webinars and many more in Enabling’s
Calendar in the Website.

From wastewater to new bioeconomy values using innovative bio-based solutions

Date: 24/03/20
Organizers: KetBIO Hub
Further Information and Registration here.

Webinar series | Shaping the innovation ecosystem for the Bioeconomy
Awareness-raising, communication, education and stakeholders engagement | Date: 25.03.2020Policy Framework | Date: 01.04.2020From research to the market | Date: 08.04.2020Value chains and innovation ecosystem | Date: 15.04.2020
Organizers: LIFT/CELEBIO/Biovoices/ European Bioeconomy NetworkFurther
Further Information and Registration here.

Biochar Production Technologies

Date: 14.04.2020
Organizers: USDA Forest Service
Further Information and Registration here

USABLE PACKAGING project is worthy of attention!

 Bioplastics for the Circular Economy

USABLE PACKAGING project seeks to dramatically reduce the use of environmentally-harmful fossil-fuel-based packaging by developing products of high performance bio-alternatives based on bioplastics with adequate physical and chemical properties. In other words, it drives change by reducing the impact of plastic waste on the environment.

Find out more about the project at www.usable-packaging.eu .                                                                                  This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 774578.

Copyright © 2020 ENABLING, All rights reserved.

ENABLING press release 02/02/2020

H2020 ENABLING BiomassTrade Platform
On January 2020, the Enabling BiomassTrade Platform, one of the project’s most important
tools, was launched on the website.
The Biomass Trade Platform is an online venue where biomass producers and biomass
processers can meet to exchange currently not valorized organic biomass residues and organic
by-products. It allows interested users to search and offer organic biomass residues and byproducts, bio-based products as well as services in the different sectors of bioeconomy. The
Platform operates EU-wide but aims to connect stakeholders on a regional level to foster the
exchange of goods and services on a regional level.
What is more, the BiomassTrade Platofrm:
• Adds value to currently unused residues
• Directly brings together supplier and customer
• Creates new commercial opportunities for biomass producer
• Increases biomass availability for the bio-based industry
• Offers a simple and easy-to-use design
• Provides all services for free with no hidden costs at all
At the moment, the Platform operates in 10 EU languages.
More information on ENABLING can be found on the Enabling Project website and Enabling
social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube).

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 774578.