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International study tour: Utilization of Straw and Biomass in the District Heating Sector

The registration for Bioenergy4Business study tour in Denmark:  “Utilization of Straw and Biomass in the District Heating Sector – Experiences, Technology and Planning” is open.

International study tour: Utilization of Straw and Biomass in the District Heating Sector

Location: Aarhus, Denmark

Date: 29/30. September 2016

Registration and detailed program:


The organisators will pay the Hotel costs for the first 20 guests who register for the study tour. Additional guests are welcome but will have to pay hotel costs by themselves (first come first serve)

The final INEMAD – GR3 conference

The INEMAD and GR3 partners are proud to present their joint conference to present the results of these two projects. Common ground is the production of biogas from agricultural or municipal residues. Where GR3 is mainly looking at the supply chain to support the use of grass clippings for biogas production, INEMAD is looking at agricultural inputs to produce biogas and biobased fertilizers.

INEMAD final conference

Please register through:

Topics investigated in the INEMAD projects are the use of digestate as a fertilizer in agriculture, if farmers are willing to use biobased fertilizers, the ecologic and economic efficiency of different manure processing technologies, the possible benefits and bottlenecks of cross border transport of manure (products) and the policy support mechanisms to produce biogas and use digestate as a fertilizer. More info on

The GR3 project is focusing on the practical implementation of the use of grass clippings in biogas installations. The outputs of the project are linked to legislation, biogas-potential, grass-inventory, business plan development, etc. The results include an ecologic and economic analysis of different pathways. More information can be found on


Training Seminar for Woody Biomass

Kardzhali 2016-01-21BGBIOM participate in a meeting of the stakeholders of the project RES H/C Spread on 21.01.2016 in Kardzhali.

The members of BGBIOM participated in the discussion of the results of the project – the potential of renewable energies for heating and cooling in the EU and promoting the use of these energy sources and technologies with creating Renewable Energy Action Plans in municipalities in Rhodope region in Bulgaria.

Additionally, BGBIOM presented their current projects:

  • Improved Nutrient and Energy Management through Anaerobic Digestion – INEMAD
  • Uptake of solid bioenergy in European commercial sectors (industry, trade, agricultural and service sectors) – Bioenergy for business (Bioenergy4Business)
  • BioRES– Sustainable Regional Supply Chains for Woody Bioenergy

As a part of the seminar, the participants were trained for benefits of using local renewable energy sources and marketing models and concepts for Biomass Logistic and Trade Centres (BLTCs) as a part of BioRES project.

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Auction-biomass electricity production facilities in Spain

The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism has announced the first auction to allocate a specific remuneration regime to new biomass electricity production facilities located within Spain´s mainland electricity system, as well as to wind energy electricity production facilities.
The auction will take place on the 14th of January 2016. The power capacity of technologies that will be auctioned is 200 MW for new biomass facilities located in the Iberian Peninsula and 500 MW for wind electricity production facilities.
For further information on the auction, please consult the documents attached, visit the websites below or contact the Administrator of the auction,


Due to a rising demand in wood fuel, the knowledge of the energy content of customary wood fuel assortments has been gaining in importance in wood fuel trade. In order to facilitate the conversion from prices per volume or weight unit commonly used in forestry and the timber industry to energy prices relevant in the context of energy production, the Austrian Energy Agency has compiled an easy-to-use calculation tool. With only a few required variables the program can quickly calculate the most important parameters for a variety of wood fuel assortments.